We met as young designers at SCAD-Savannah in 2003 and have lived, worked and grown together ever since.



Visual storytellers, that collaborate to build brands & spaces through thoughtful design.


Kandace and Rob Walker-Bunda have lived and worked together for almost 15 years. The SCAD-Savannah grad duo, developed Bunker Design Collaborative in 2009 with the intent of using their combined design backgrounds to create meaningful brand & space planning solutions for individuals and businesses alike. Their talents, along with their veritable "fan deck" of design professionals, allows them to take on Branding + Architecture + Interiors projects at any scale. 

Kandace Walker-Bunda

Master of Architecture -
Savannah College of Art & Design, 2006

A self-proclaimed Type-A creative,
Kandace likens herself to a modern-day Renaissance woman.
"I’ve never wanted to pigeon-hole myself into one specific design discipline - Monday, I may be drawing plans in CAD - Tuesday, I may be laying out graphics in InDesign. Having a small business like ours, where we can have our hands in various types of design project at one time, is what keeps life/work captivating."

Rob Walker-Bunda

Master of Fine Art in Illustration -
Savannah College of Art & Design, 2006

When asked "What's your dream job?", Rob with 100% certainty will answer, "The one I have."
Rob spends his "work" days researching our client's craft, pulling project-specific inspiration, sketching brand/logo concepts for various business types, and then honing ideas to package his creations for the "big reveal."