Space Planning

Space Planning

When undergoing renovation and new construction it is important to first start with a plan.
Space planning allows one to understand the feasibility of their hopes and dreams.

Garrigan Residence

This family needed a more modern layout for their mantel and family room that allowed for space for the tv and decor. By reworking the layout we allowed the fireplace to remain, while finding storage space, an area to place their electronics and a spot to highlight artwork.

Solomon Project

The Solomon Family wanted to change their bathroom layout to something more modern and efficient, but didn't quite know how. After a few measurements and some reallocation of space, our new design allowed them to get the double vanity they had hoped for.

Whitten Project

The Whittens wanted to update their Master Bath with more modern finishes and a layout that better suited their needs. By mocking up a plan, elevation and perspective drawing we allowed them to envision what their bathroom could be, and more much it would cost to complete the project.